02 February, 2017

Fire Warrior February part Deux

So first I'll admit to the fact the last time I posted was two years ago on this exact same topic.  I own up to it, its lazy.

In that time I've played quite a bit with my unpainted Tau and endured the taunts of my very talented friends with their multiple well painted armies.  Luckily my laziness is greater than my vanity so their taunts fall upon deaf unpainted ears.

The whole point of this post is not to point out the flaws in my painting schedule, but to announce I'm going to try it again!  That's right Fire Warrior February is back.  I will be taking time tonight to clear my painting table of anything not a Tau Fire Warrior, though one or two small brain break models may remain.  The goal is to get the new second squad of Breachers built and primed so that I can concentrate on those two teams first.  Once those are done I'll move on to the other Fire Warrior teams.  I should point out I'm currently sitting on 3 x 12 man Striker teams, and 2 x 10 man Breacher teams.  When you add in the path finders it makes for allot of Tau grunts.

I might try putting them all on the board one night to see how that goes.

The big advantage that I have over 2014 is that I know have a playable marine army that can be used while I'm painting the Tau..no its not painted either.

If you would like to follow my progress as I go you will find a link to the Tau Project Board on the top right hand of this board.  I'll try to update the steps and processes as they go there, as well as update here with photos.

So there you have it, Fire Warrior February.  Hope fully I won't have to move into Makeup March again, and stay totally away from Apology April.

23 April, 2014

So sad

So we started with Firewarrior Febuary!!  My grand plan to get all my Firewarriors built and painted.  That went into makeup march, where I tried to actually finish the Firewarrior project.

That leaves us with apology April!  Yep, it didn't get done, its probably not going to get done before summer.  I now have to shift gears back over to the Salamanders to get them ready for the big game in June.   We are headed down to Texas Games Con for the Narrative event and the Salamanders will be there in full force.

I did get 36 Firewarriors built and primed so that's a plus.

06 March, 2014

Quick Update

So the grand Firewarrior Feburary project failed.  I got all 36 primed but only 12 got their body suits painted.  I have a long way to go to get the models complete.

So we are declaring makeup March to get the firewarriors set.

15 February, 2014

Firewarrior February Update

A quick mid month update.

36 firewarriors primed and base coated ready to go.  I've cleaned off the painting table and have my fireblade for refrence, and to finish him up.

I've already completed more in this step than the last Tau army I owned.

The plan is simple assembly line to get them knocked out, move from one side of the table to the other as a step is completed till their all done.

03 February, 2014

Fire Warrior February!

Fire Warrior February!  In an effort to stop using marines as stand-in fire warriors I've decided to devote the month of February to getting my infantry built and painted.  So far I've got 24 troopers built, and another box to go.  I may pick up a 4th box before the end of the month but right now my true goal is the original 36 troopers.  As a side bonus i got the last 6 stealth suits built last night.  They were in the old Tau battle force along with a box i've had since Dec 2012.   They probably won't get painted this month but they are built and ready to use.

07 December, 2013

Snow Day = Work Day

So we've been trapped in the house since Thrusday evening due to ice.  When its wintery weather in Dallas, we just hunker down and pray.

Since the Riptide had such a awesome explosive end during the apoc game I felt he earned some attention on the work table

Lining and block colors are done just have to touch up the white, seal it then get some decals before it's final full coat.

02 December, 2013

Quick Update

Just a quick update today.  Got to play in a fun Apoc game on Black Friday, and it was indeed Black for team Tau.    It was two on two, Team Tau vs Team Necron/Nid.   I brought along the subjugated human reserves in the form of two super heavy tanks and a vendetta.   The Super heavy tanks did well when they came back on the board the second time.   Problem was between the necron pylon and a random battle field effect orbital bombardment we lost both super heavies before we even got to take our turn.

Was still fun though to play with allot of the units that don't get to see the light of day.   My pathfinders won VIP mainly becuase at the end of turn four I had two of them still alive hiding in a building while the rest of our forces were wiped off the table.

DPak brought the Air Caste in force, with a Stand in TigerShark, three Barracudas and between 4-6 Ramora drones.   Was very cool to see them all fly on the board.

Highlight of my game was the Riptide killing the necron pylon.  He ran up and punched it to pieces, and you could almost hear him say "uh oh" as it catastrophically exploded on him. 

All in all it was a fun day and a good day for team Tau.

We were way ahead on points at the mid point of the game, and even though we got tabled, at the end of turn 4 we only lost by one point.